Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dedicated to Miriam

We meet a lot of horses on the trip today..sweet horses.! Miriam, you would love to be here, they are so many of them here!


Walking , walking walking. We are walking in the woods and on the streets. Me and marthe dont like the street because its easy to get rund over here in england.. It is going to be a lot of walking today, but thats normal for norwegian people..

Our bus!

We have just packed our bags and a bus has just picket us up. We even have our own fanwalk bus.! I hope there is a pharmacy on the way, because im starting to get a cold.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We are now at fridays and are finally eating.. It is a sweet rib with crispy onions scoop and orleans corn..the poor pig, its a baby pig actually:(

On the bus

Now we are driving to some place to eat. We are at one of fameous red busses, but the bus is freezing cold and we are very hungry!!


Some of the fanwalkers on the road.. Coulorful outfits:)

In the park

One of the girls was dressed up like tom kaulitz. Pretty Similar!

Food for the trip

We got a goodiebag with some food. It is also a muffin there. Yummy!!

First step

Me and marte ready to take our first step on the fanwalk

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Sony Ericsson FanWalk begins

100 die-hard music fans on their way to the MTV Europe Music Awards ’08 in Liverpool