Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The last day before the ema!

We just spend our last night before the ema! It was a fireplace there and also a firework! Its so much stuf to to tomorow!! We are also going to meet Perez Hilton before the show!! I am so looking forward to the show tomorrow, but is also very sad that we are leaving:(

The winner!!

Dirk from Germany is going to give away a prize on the ema!! :d


We found it on the way, but we have to leave it because we are taking the bus, poor trolley:(

At the castle!

Now we are at this castle and are going to eat.. Its really big and old! We are also pronounsing who is going to deliver a prize on the ema! There is 14 people who are in the final and each of them are holding a speach tonight! It is one guy from norway who is in the final:)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Okei, we are now at the hotel room. Its a nice room, but creepy! When Marte was in the shower, the ligth with my bed suddenly turnd on!! SCARY!

Our lunch!

This is not the food that we are used to eat to lunch!!

Long day.

Today is a very long walk day but is only one hour left. Then we are going to eat lunch and are driving to the hotel. I'v heard that we are staying at a nice hotel today as well, so that is its only to days to the ema!!!:)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Our room!

We are staying at a spa hotel today! Its so nice!! But we really deserved it.

Picture time.

On the town hall:)

Our challenge.

Now we are at a big place and are singing and play instruments.. The money goes to sound futures, its a organisasjon in birmingham who helps children play instruments. Now we have some free time and are having a good breakfast, who is not fried!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Free day!

Today is our free day, but we did still went up early.. We just eate some breakfast, and are now heading to Oxford to take some pictures. After that we are having our free time. And I'll use it well!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Yesterday we had a halloween party and i did my hair really big.. The stupides thing i have ever done..!! Its so hard getting it back to normal, It wil take hours!!

Sleeping place

It look likes rooms you see on a old film or something, a old hospital look alike

Trying again

Ups! The pressd the wrong button.. Marte is going to walk in this outfit today. Its one of the challenges. And she is now getting a bracelet. The person who has the most bracelets the final day, is the person who will deliver the prize on the ema!!


I havent had battery on my phone yesterday, so i could not blogg. We are all very tired now and its very early as vel. Marte

Traditonal food.

Now we are finally at the resturant. And the food is so good!! The best meal i've had here:):)we are also having dessert. After that, we are continuing walking!